Joe Warmbrodt

Realtor® Garcia Properties

Realtor by day, Blues musician by night – Joe is one of the coolest cats you’ll meet in the real estate biz. Joe has been playing drums all of his life, he even played professionally on Cruise Ships in his adventurous days. As much as he loves playing the drums, the sales industry was calling to him. Joe has been in sales his entire life. He knows that it’s not just about having knowledge of a product, but also getting to know the client.

Joe’s approach in finding the right house for you is to first build a relationship & then to provide top notch service from start to finish. He’s great at thinking outside the box to find the right solutions for his clients. A couple things you should know about Joe; he can’t say “no” to a World’s Fair doughnut & he loves the Cardinals. When he’s not out selling houses or beating on the drums you can catch Joe at a number of local restaurants, barbecuing or hanging out with his kids & lovely wife, Pam. He’s also pretty stoked to be a Grandpa.